A demonstration version of the Mach 3 Addons for Mill is now included with the default Mach3 installation.  This version allows you to run through the actual wizards, chaining operations and generating toolpaths.  It will not, however, generate a G-Code file.

What is a "Newfangled Solution"?

new·fan·gled  (n fngg ld, ny -)

  1. New and often needlessly novel.
  2. Fond of novelty.

so·lu·tion   (s-l shn)

    1. A homogeneous mixture of two or more substances, which may be solids, liquids, gases, or a combination of these.
    2. The process of forming such a mixture.
  2. The state of being dissolved.
    1. The method or process of solving a problem.
    2. The answer to or disposition of a problem.
  4. Law. Payment or satisfaction of a claim or debt.
  5. The act of separating or breaking up; dissolution.

As we look at the development of industry throughout the modern age, it has been those with newfangled ideas that have driven change. Eli Whitney and the concept of interchangeable parts made Henry Ford’s production line possible. Henry Bessemer’s steel production methods enabled George Fuller to build the first “skyscraper”.

Now, we are not trying to say that we are the next Eli Whitney or Henry Ford, but maybe *you* are! Today’s novel ideas may become tomorrow’s standard operating procedures. Working together to develop innovative solutions to today’s production and manufacturing problems is what we are all about!  Whether you are just looking for a little advice about your current project, or have an idea for a new machine that you need designed, we can help!

If shaking your industry up a bit, and having a little fun along the way, sounds exciting, then we may be right for you!

For more information, please email inquiry@newfangledsolutions.com.